totally independent 3PL procurement service.




We get under the skin of your operating expenditure by reviewing what you spend, with whom, and under which terms. We identify "material fields" that contain spend by category and supplier to help us understand you’re purchasing habits and contractual obligations.



Using the discovery data we cross check your spend profile and contracts against industry benchmarking to determine the gaps and opportunities for commercial improvement. Our recommendation will be provided in order of priority ensuring you have complete control over where you want our focus first.  


Understanding the analysis and market conditions combined with negotiation expertise breeds competitive advantage. Without this it is impossible to know whether you have achieved the optimum deal for your company.

Using our knowledge and expertise we act as “your extended procurement department”, with your best interests in mind, and negotiate with your suppliers so you don’t have to. We understand that there is no point having ‘cheap’ goods or services if the quality or capability is not there. That’s why we evaluate suppliers based on quality, reliability, capability and mitigating risk before price every time. That said we expect to reduce our clients’ costs by at least 10%.



Where it is appropriate and beneficial to use our proven and innovative pricing methods, tenders work extremely well for higher value, more complex requirements, where we take your purchase requirements, combine them with pre-agreed terms and conditions and invite companies to submit proposals against your requirements. Pre-agreed evaluation criteria helps pre-qualify suppliers and maintain leverage to achieve best pricing under your terms.


Best Practise:


Whatever your size we look, listen, collaborate, share and recommend, tailoring truly unique best practices which help our clients’ employees use and purchase company 3PL services more effectively in the future.




·         Rest assured our code of conduct is of the highest standard both on and off client premises.

·         We have no affiliations or financial arrangements with any suppliers we recommend to you.

·         We follow the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply code of conduct.

·         We  follow the Anti-Bribery and Corruption legislation to the letter so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

·         Wherever possible we ensure that our recommended suppliers have industry leading CSR policies so you can            be confident that you have both the optimum commercial and corporately responsible relationships at all


·         Any recommendations we give will always consider both your company ethics as well as our own.



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