totally independent 3PL procurement service.




Mission Statement:

To offer our customers a Reliable and Trustworthy 3PL Procurement Service which will “add value” (maintain or improve logistic services, minimise risk and reduce cost) to their business, with no disruption to their day to day operations.


Company Values:

Dependable, Customer Driven, Accountable, Respectful, Innovative, Responsible, Professional, Ethical, Environmental, Honesty, Integrity, Patience, Humility and Commitment.


Company Culture:


Customers can always count on us to “deliver”, we are consistent in performance and behaviour, like a dependable car that always starts and rarely needs service or a dependable actor who always does a great job, regardless of the role.

Third Party Logistics Outsourcing Evaluation:

The decision to allow a 3rd party to execute any segment of your supply chain should be made with due diligence, thought and analysis. Particularly, if there is no previous experience or history with the outsourcing of key logistics services within your organisation. We understand that our customers must be able to trust us and have confidence in us to represent their organisation and act in their best interests with their outsourced logistics and supply chain procurement projects. 

Effective cost management and reduction in purchasing can be your road map to achieving your most critical organisational objectives. With careful planning and good cost reduction techniques and planning, we will ‘add value’ to your business by reducing your cost up to 28% (as previous achievements have shown us) improving your budget forecasting, introducing the latest ‘Best Practice’ and standardising your logistic spend data. We do it all without using any of your resources or disrupting your day to day business activities.

Whilst tenders are often the most effective method to get the most out of a supplier, most companies do not have the expertise, time, resource or budget to run such a process. We have developed a tried and tested process that applies all the fundamentals of running a professional and comprehensive tender process so our customers realise their savings in a relatively short period of time.

It is by no means all about ‘savings’.

Though our work in providing operational cost analysis for third-party logistics service providers and evaluating 3PL service offerings, we have developed a costing tool to benchmark what 3PL distribution or fulfilment services should cost our customers. This cost-predictive model allows our customers to make the right choices based on their business particulars and needs.  Our 3P Logistics Selection Services will significantly enhance your organisations ability to decide which third party logistics services and pricing are in your organisations best interest and successfully  select warehousing, distribution, fulfilment and transportation functions to a Logistics Service Provider (LSP).


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